The days of staring at the ceiling, being blinded by the bright lights, or looking awkwardly at your dentist during treatment are over. A TV on the wall/ceiling is nice but it can be distracting or difficult to watch during treatment. That is why we offer the Cinemizer OLED video glasses to enhance our patients’ comfort and experience.

The video glasses, made by Zeiss, offer a completely immersive video experience while getting dental treatment. Patients may select a movie from our extensive library of movies and entertainment. The glasses serve both as eye protection as well as a movie screen as if you were in a private movie theatre. This video system may help reduce anxiety by visually removing patients from the clinical surrounding and being fully immersed in a video.

The entertainment and distraction offered by the Cinemizer can virtually transport patients to a place that can be more relaxed, comfortable, calm and peaceful. A trip to our office is becoming more like going to the movie matinee or watching a private screening.

Come enjoy a movie with us at your next dental visit!